Articles on Philippine Librarianship

Note: This is a compilation of research articles, case studies, instructional materials, conference papers, technical and country reports, and lecture presentations, written by librarians, information professionals and educators, and arranged by broad subject areas or topics dealing with varied aspects of Philippine librarianship. While many articles here were gathered from the web (the arrow icon indicates links to their websites), some were contributed by their authors, conference organizers or sponsors, and other sources. Articles without any mark or notation indicate they are downloadable documents, while those with notation "in PDF" appear in pdf format, which requires an Adobe Acrobat Reader to view. Some articles appear with their powerpoint presentations as an added feature (to view the presentation, just click on the symbol "PPT" or the word "presentation"). Alternative locations are also noted. Select List by Title, to view the full citation of the titles below, or the List of Authors whose works are included here.

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Academic Libraries


Archives and Records Management

Archives, Libraries, and Museums

Audio-visual, Multimedia, and Non-Print Collections


Best Practices

Bibliographic Control

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Children and Young Adult Library Services

Collection Management and Development


Digital Libraries

Disaster Management


Grants, Fellowships, Scholarships, etc for Librarians

Health and Medical Librarianship

Information Literacy

Information Technology


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Law Librarianship


Librarianship, Trends in, (History of)

Library Associations

Library Networks, Cooperatives, and Consortia

Library Research

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Library Schools


Marketing and Promotion

Personnel Issues


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Public Libraries


Research Libraries

School Libraries

Social Networking


Training and Education

User Services and User Studies

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